Monday, 23 January 2012

Working on pickups

Aside from trying to squash a bug with the new 'hunter' enemy type, we're currently working on some pick up designs. Earlier in development we had wanted to implement a smart bomb which would affect all enemies on screen. We're still investigating how this could work on the Spectrum ( as ideally we'd like each character to 'wiggle' when the bomb is set off ) but trying to come up with a method of moving all the enemies has proven a bit problematic.

If we move them on screen then there's a chance they'll overlap some of the background graphics and so over-write what was there. We're thinking about some ideas of swapping to a smaller 'stunned' graphic ( similar to the glooped animation ) so we'll see how that goes.

Next up we have a stop watch - this will pause all enemies on screen for a few seconds ( and stop the timer from ticking down ). This should help give the players enough time to get through a screen :-) One thing we're not sure on is whether enemies should still be deadly to touch when they are stunned?

The other pickup is a weapon upgrade. The regular shot will have a much smaller range in Gloop Troops 2 than it did in the original game. This means you won't be able to find a safe spot on screen and hide from enemies!

Still lots to do! Hopefully some more screens will be uploaded soon :-)

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  1. hi! i want to do an "unofficial" remake of the first gloop troops for amiga releasing it for free.
    can i make it?