Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy new year all! We've been working away on Gloop Troops 2 the last few months ( with a bit of a break for some festive fun ) and are hoping to not be too far off from releasing the game. Gloop Troops 2 has now been in development for quite a while! We never anticipated the game would have taken this long, but we've all been busy at one time or another, and re-writing the game to take full advantage of the 128k Spectrum has been quite a challenge.

State of play:

We have the main game structure for Gloop Troops 2 in place. You can start a new game, view the opening cinematic, then move around the world map to pick a level. Once you've chosen a level you'll be whisked off to that level to try and collect all the ingredients for Princess Amelia's cure. Once you've beaten all the levels in a world you'll unlock a boss level. Only after finishing the boss level will you be transported to the next world. Between worlds you'll have additional cinematic screens with a final cinematic when you finish the game!

To do:

- More enemy types! We have a few more enemy behaviours to go in.

- New feature!  We have an unannounced feature to go into the game. It shouldn't take very long to do and will add a lot to the level design.

- Keyboard support.

- Support for better sprite masking.

- Refine levels, pick the best ones and make them final.

- Music! There will be many more tracks of music in Gloop Troops 2 compared to Crimbo.

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