Monday, 26 July 2010

Gloop Troops 2 additions: The bomb

We've been toying with changes to the Gloop Troops formula and in our PC testbed we've recently been experimenting with a bomb pickup.

We wanted a pickup which would reward the player for collecting it and to tie into the main scoring mechanic of trying to keep as many enemies glooped as possible. We did not want a pickup to take away from the score mechanic of chaining enemies or to destroy enemies.

Our plan for the bomb is to have it appear much like the fruit in the first game. It will materialise every few seconds and once it's collected by the player it will cause all enemies on screen to be shaken by an explosion!

As with glooping enemies it will check how many enemies have been glooped when the bomb is detonated and reward the player with a higher points bonus per enemy glooped than you would have earned by just glooping them.

However once all the enemies have finished being shaken by the explosion they will all return active to the game and be invincible for a second! This'll make the player think twice before collecting the bomb, and plan their path through a level more carefully :-)

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