Saturday, 10 July 2010

Concept pic + speccy news

With Gloop Troops 2 we're planning on having a bonus stage that is accessed when a level has been completed and the player has performed brilliantly.

The level has Pokey, or Peeky, running around trying to collect as many hearts as possible before time runs out. To make life harder for our intrepid heroes there'll either be a Squidgy or another enemy at the bottom of the screen throwing bombs upwards to try and catch our heroes out.

If the player gets hit by a bomb they'll lose 5 seconds off the clock and when the timer hits 0 they'll be sent to the next proper level. Hopefully this should give the game a nice amount of variety :-)

Also in Speccy news the Mojon Twins have released yet another game! More info on it can be found on The WoS forums

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