Monday, 14 June 2010

The making of Gloop Troops - Part 1

Before delving into our new game I thought it best to chat about our previous efforts :-) Gloop Troops was released at the end of April this year for the 48k ZX Spectrum.

Gloop Troops started out as a very different project back in 2007. Andy and I had been sitting in the pub discussing the joys of retro gaming when the idea of creating a brand new game on the Spectrum came up as a fun side project! We spent the what little spare time we had designing a Dizzy style adventure game, with elements of Exile and Monty on the Run.

We worked on it on and off for over a year, but without a clear vision on what we wanted at the start we ended up pulling the game in many different directions. Finally in mid 2008 we called the game to a halt after many code and tool re-writes ( including a pc version ).

After surveying the code wreckage we took a step back and started to come up with a new plan...

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