Monday, 21 June 2010

Gloop Troops 2 - The wish list.

Now Gloop Troops is out the door we can take the time to see where we can improve the original game! Below's a list of features we'd love to include in the sequel:

* 128k Spectrum - by targeting this machine we'll be massively increasing the amount of RAM we'll have to play with! There looks to be a bit of a learning curve on using memory pages effectively which hopefully won't throw us off too much.

* Music - we had problems getting music into the original game, targeting the 128 and getting some AY music in should solve this brilliantly.

* Bosses! We wanted to have an end boss originally but in the end dropped it. It'll be great to go back to this idea and maybe have a few bosses every few levels?

* Power ups - Always a blast to collect in any game and missing from the original. We'll have to think up something fun for these :-)

* Cut scenes - We had 2 levels in Gloop Troops where we displayed some text above the action. We'd love to work on this more and have some more personality to the characters!

* High score table - Missing from the original, we only displayed a single high score. Having a high score table will hopefully add to the competitive nature of the game.

* More enemy types - there were a few enemies dropped from the original due to time and memory restraints. That shouldn't be a problem any more :-)

First up for coding will be the music system...

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