Monday, 25 February 2013

More Crimbo videos

All 6 parts of efwagames Crimbo playthrough are now available on Youtube!

Lots of progress has been going on with our code port from z80 assembler to the Z88dk C compiler. Some of the SP1 library took a little getting used to, and I don't think we're maximising our memory usage just yet. Andy had done some work on having our map editor export to a new format (an array C structs), and we'll need to tweak this a little further. However the good news from all this is that hopefully we can start putting screens together of our new game!

For GT2 I think we're going to wait and see how we get on with our first Z88dk game - I'm sure we'll hit a few brick walls trying to get our first game done. It's better that this first game is simpler in structure than GT2, as GT2 made heavy usage of the 128ks paging mechanism (and had a pretty complex compilation process where some code had to be re-compiled several times!).



  1. Hi, I noticed that there is a cassette inlay for this Crimbo ( at world of spectrum's page ).Although it is freeware, Is there commercial released version(real cassette tape with inlay)? Is it possible to buy it? Thank you!

  2. Hi! We have planned to do a tape release at some point in the future (possibly combining all the Gloop Troop games into a bundle), but we haven't published anything yet. I hope you enjoyed the game!

  3. Any updates? Loved your games so far and would be pity if you have stopped development of GT2 or whatever your other project was.