Saturday, 16 June 2012

More code delays :-(

Unfortunately my arm injury is going to take a few more months to get better, so development progress on GT2's code is on hold for a while. :-(

As the code development has slowed, we've been wondering what's best to do with the game:

* Finish up currently implemented features and release? This would get the game out there but it would be missing some key features that we wanted to implement.

* Take the time hit and probably release optimistically now at the start of next year. This would allow us to make gt2 all that it could be, but does mean a much longer wait...

* Find another coder to take over the code base / re-write? The code base is all in Z80 asm, and has largely evolved as the project grew. There's the potential that now we know what the game is and how it will function that we could write most of the logic in c using z88dk and drop to asm for sprite rendering / collision if required? Andy has done some experiments with z88dk and has done some asm, but with the artwork as well it'd be a ton of work...

Currently I'm favouring the idea of delaying code development for a few more months, though I guess we'll have to see how the next couple of months play out :-(

On a positive note I highly recommend checking out Soulless for the c64! It looks to be another stand out homebrew title!

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