Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Slight development delay

I'm having to take a small break from GT2 development due to having to rest up my arm from an injury. Hopefully this will only add a month or so extra development time :-(
There's been more discussion on gameplay features for gt2 and for future projects. Hopefully we'll be able to discuss both of these very soon :-)

Andy has recently been experimenting with the z88dk C compiler. We're hoping to make the switch to C for future projects. This should hopefully make it much much quicker to develop our games! We'll then be able to focus more of our development time on gameplay features, and still have the option to drop to assembly for time critical code.

We would also like to see some of our future projects being written for, and take advantage of other retro platforms. Migrating to a higher level language allows us to re-use code across projects, and should further save us time.

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