Thursday, 17 February 2011

New Gloop Troops 2 screen shots

Progress on Gloop Troops 2 is under way! First to be shown is our big new feature to the game - Island maps!

Now the player will have choice over which level to tackle next! Gloop Troops 2 will be set across 4 different islands - each one containing a unique theme! Posted above is the in-development shot of our Aztec styled island 2 ( currently unnamed ). Clearing an island requires Pokey and Peeky to complete all the levels on that island. Only when all the island's levels are completed will they advance to the island's boss! Once an island's boss is defeated, our heroes will make their way to the next island.

Next up is an in-development shot of one of our jungle themed levels:

In this shot we see Pokey and Peeky wearing Knight armour! Our heroes have been Knighted and sent on a special mission by the King and Queen. Story will play a stronger role in Gloop Troops 2, with a return of the atmospheric 'cut-screens' seen in Crimbo!

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