Sunday, 30 January 2011

Work continues...

Things have been very busy here at the Little Shop of Pixels! Over the last few weeks we've been busy making steady progress on Gloop Troops 2. Andy has done lots of experimenting with the Spectrum's colour palette and has nailed the look of our big unannounced feature! We will be posting screen shots for a big reveal shortly :-)

Andy has created all of the art assets for Gloop Troops, Crimbo, and our previously aborted Spectrum game ( more on this in a future post ). Through several years of work he has developed a high degree of mastery of the Spectrum's colour palette. So you can expect to see some very good things soon!

Meanwhile I've been getting my head around how we can best take advantage of the extra memory on the 128k Spectrum. I've gone backwards and forwards on this one, but think our memory usage plan is now in place. Getting to this point has unfortunately required a big re-write of the GT2 code base. The end result of this extra work is that the game is now capable of supplying richer environments than our previously released games.

We've also got an article on Gloop Troops in the 8bit Return Magazine!

We are hoping to post up some in-development shots of the game very soon!

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