Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Crimbo's reception

We've spent the last few days excitedly reading all the feedback on Crimbo!

After many nights of quietly working away on Crimbo, it has been incredibly rewarding to read about other people enjoying the game.

Here are some of our favourite quotes over the last few days from the World of Spectrum forum!
"LOVE the way the game looks, the font, the graphics, just reminds me of a classic Bubble Bobble style game. Really liking this. Thanks very much."

"Just one more go...."

"This is fantastic! The loading screen is the best I have seen for a very long time - SO colourful. I love the game."

"Catchy, addicitng tune that Bubble Bobble wouldn't be ashamed of."

"I think it is fantastic that people are still producing such quality software for the Spectrum."

"Brilliant brilliant game, brings a smile to my face to have a Spectrum 128K game before Chrimbo, I feel like I just got a new Issue of Crash with this on the cover Graphics are beautiful, music on the title screen is so relaxing, almost hypnotic and yet strangey sad/remembering (in a good way like Gunrunner 48K tune)... "

"Got to level 3 on second go after reading to hold jump down, really love hard games, I´d have got the bus to Newcastle and payed 10 pounds for this back in the early 90´s... Thanks "

"Thanks for contributing something like this to the Speccy community - its a quality product!"

We will post up a postmortem on the game soon - and use the feedback to help make our next game even better!

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